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Hey guys, so this must be it, I don't want to just keep it mine, I want to share it to you guys, cause I love you all :). This must the christmas present of all the creator of gta sa naruto mods for us, but, thank you also of  Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm  3 Full Burst for the models of the maps, and also the one who converted it to Gta san andreas and that guy is "Bugagastic". Thanks to him.
Note : This map is almost like the a real shinobi world + this map have no bugs.
Note : The one that you download is the 100% Game of Gta San Andreas , But it is just only 703 MB, and it is totally Shinobi World.
: After done downloading the Shinobi World v8.rar, download the

Shinobi help.rar, made by me so that you it will not complicated while playing the game.
Shinobi World v8.rar // (Yandisk Link)
Shinobi World v8.rar // (Mediafire Link)
Shinobi Help.rar
Some Tutorial how to use the mods inside the Shinobi World,
1. Type "chidori" then press "u" to activate = chidori
2. Hold "F" about a seconds, then press "shift + tab" to activate = Deidara Bird
3. Press the "," to have kunai, then press "Left mouse button" to throw = Throw Kunai
4. Press "Tab + R" to use = Katon
5. Press "W + R" to use = Shenra Tensei
6. Type "rasengan" to activate rasengan, then press "r" to activate = Rasengan
if six is not working download this rasengan.cs
7. Press "-" to perform rasengan run = Rasengan Run
Feel Free To Ask Questions If You Have Problems :)
Thank you!!

How To Fix The Crash Of Shonobi World V8

This Tutorial Shows You How To fix the shinobi world v8 ....
Please make the audio folder to the archive and extract to the shinobi world V8...
If You directly put the audio folder in the shinobi world v8 folder then your game will crash or will not work...
For downloading the audio vist at
if you don't want to download then make your old gta sa audio to the archive and extract it to the shinobi world v8 .... don't put it directly
and don't mod the original files of it or it will crash except for the text
don't put main.scm......

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